Your Simulation Requirements

As the pioneers in the Unmanned System Training Equipment arena, we fully comprehend the requirements of well-structured and holistic education mechanisms, and understand how to translate textbook learning into interactive hands-on knowledge absorption.

By working closely with tertiary institutions as well as industry partners, we are able to effectively bridge the gap between the industry requirements, and the academic curriculum. This is achieved via a 2 pronged approach of objectivity.

Prong 1 identifies the Critical elements that are integral to most unmanned systems. These are extracted into the training aid initiative to ensure relevancy. Current state of the art systems that are employed in most commercial and military applications can be condensed to a series of basic concepts, ranging from radio frequency control equipment to propulsion components. Construction techniques are also crucial in order to understand the flight stress distribution in Monocoque structures.

Prong 2 has educational requirements in mind. A curriculum set is required to ensure a holistic multi-disciplinary learning approach. As such, the institution, with the aid of Flare Dynamics as well as local regulatory bodies, will determine the scope and focus in order to ascertain the degree of competency of the students. Specific areas of coverage may range from sub-system type (Propulsion, airframe, aerodynamics etc.) to disciplinary form (Safety, maintenance practices, operating procedures etc.) Information delivery mechanisms, as well as product packaging, can be fully catered to the customer/institution to ensure full compliance to the specified requirements.