Wiring Simulation

With the increase in UAV related projects, and the emphasis in UAV development globally, it is imperative that operators be well versed in the basic concepts and safety guidelines of unmanned systems, primarily in the area of power systems and propulsion.

The purpose of this training aid is to inculcate the ability to identify the types of systems normally used in Multi-rotor UAVs, and perform the proper procedural checks prior and during operation. Under the control system electronics, students would be exposed to the various components typically found in a basic Multi-rotor UAV setup.

Analogue representatives are used to replace components such as the on-board power sources to ensure that the training aid is ready for use with minimal or no maintenance required. A large schematic display indicating the connections between the various components provide the link for students to understand the purpose of each component. Robust user friendly connection interfaces allow students to make the connections between the components, and troubleshoot any improper connections in the event of system failure. An interactive diagnostic and feedback detector indicates faults in the system during every step to ensure students are adequately guided.

Overall Concept

  • Inculcates the ability to identify the types of Sub-system components used in Multi-Rotor VTOL UAVs

  • Users will attain the basic comprehension of the procedural checks prior/during/after most UAV operations

  • Covers both control system electronics and propulsion electronics

  • Teaches users the safety processors and highlights areas to be cautious of.