PID Simulation

Purpose of this experimental training aid is establishing a link between the effect of software parameter changes such as gain on the static and dynamic behaviour of the UAV platform.

The training aid would consists of 2 system segments, the first being the ground-based real-time stabilization software, displayed via a High Definition LCD Monitor that would be integrated into the training aid console. The touch screen interface of the stabilization software would allow students to fully explore all the different available parameters and options that UAV stability is centred around, emphasizing how PID gain changes affect the reactions of the UAV. Changes in Gain settings would have a direct result on the behaviour of the UAV analogue. The second segment of the training aid would be the physical UAV analogue that would also be mounted on the training aid console.

This “hardware-in-loop” configuration implemented into a training aid would provide a tertiary grade educational teaching medium which allows students to observe and understand the critical operator programming requirements in a basic Unmanned Aerial System.

Overall Concept

  • Teach PID Logic by allowing users to visualize the effect of PID input with respective physical output

  • Users will attain the basic comprehension of the effects of digital inputs and physical outputs