Control Input Simulation

Understanding the basics of flight control physics is the backbone for any individual interested in aeronautical engineering, especially in the arena of UAV control due to the differential control techniques when compared to full scale aircraft. With the “box and stick” control a standard in RC/UAV systems, potential operators must be well versed in the input-output control behaviors when using such systems.

An interactive touch screen display and multi-joystick console will expose students to the various control standards and definitions used globally. Inputs to the joystick are physically represented via a Life sized UAV analogue to ensure realism. This “hardware-in-loop” configuration implemented into a training aid would provide a tertiary grade educational teaching medium which allows students to observe and understand the critical operator input requirements in a basic Unmanned Aerial System.

Overall Concept

  • Exposes users to the variations of UAV controls commonly used in the Industry

  • Life sized Fixed wind and Multi-rotor UAV analogues can be provided